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Let's Give Them Hope


Let's Give Them Hope is a Registered Trust with and overall aim of improving the lives of orphans and other vulnerable children in Zimbabwe. In keeping with this aim the specific objectives of the organisation are focussed on providing assistance to these children in ways that will facilitate their self-sufficiency as they grow into adults.

Our dream is to see these most vulnerable children and youth being raised up, given a chance to dream, and given skills that enhance their self-esteem and elevate them from thinking they can achieve nothing ... to knowing that they are skilled and valuable. Our aim is to give these children and youth a hope and a dream for the future.

Our organisation is working tirelessly towards the day when every one of these children has a home and someone to care for them, has enough food to eat and adequate medical care, is able to get a good education and learn a vocation, can experience healing and wholeness, and is able to reach their God-given potential in life. Our long-term goal is to have these children living as fully-functioning adults and citizens making a significant contribution to their community.

Our main strategy is a community-based, relational approach: to envision, empower and mobilise local individuals to assist the orphans and vulnerable children in their communities, with the long-term view of total self-sufficiency for these children.

While providing for basic needs is obviously important, it is not enough, and a focus on the psychosocial care of these children is vital to their future wellbeing, i.e. taking care of their psychological, emotional and spiritual needs. Our primary method is to support local people in forging strong relationships with the children in their communities in order to facilitate healing and wholeness in the children's lives. Research has clearly shown that the best protective factor for children at risk, including orphans and vulnerable children and youth, is a strong relationship with an adult in their community.

Our current projects provide a number of services and activities in keeping with the above-mentioned goals and objectives including:

a) rural feeding programmes,

b) sponsorship programmes for child-headed households,

c) food supplements,

d) help with school fees,

e) children's activity programmes,

f) youth dance-related programmes and activities,

g) opportunity for participation in the creative arts, i.e. music, dance, visual arts, etc.

Plans for future programmes and activities include:

a) child-focussed therapeutic activities,

b) life skills training,

c) peer support groups,

d) tutoring and homework help, and

e) vocational training in the fields of construction, hospitality, farming, audio-visual and computers.

For further information go to:  www.letsgivethemhope.org