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In Ministry to Children

The IMC charity continues its work with children whose lives are at risk in Colombia, South America.

The ministry started after a visit by two of our members in 1993 and subsequently the ministry has become a charity in UK and continues to raise the awareness and funds for the work in Colombia.

There is a sister organisation known as IMiC based in the capital, Bogota, and our funding allows the staff in Colombia to carry out the ministry by supporting them in prayer and offering advice as well as financially contributing to the work.

Currently we run a daily feeding programme in Fusa, which is a small town about 1½ hours down the mountainside south of Bogota. Here we run the programme which cares for children, provides them with a nourishing meal, assistance with their schoolwork and family support. There are currently about 70/80 children benefitting from this work plus their families and siblings.


Feeding Programme in Fusa                        Granja Peniel

In addition we have a residential home called Granja Peniel, which is to the north of Bogota. Here up to 24 boys are cared for in a semi-permanent way by house- parents. We have 2 separate houses and IMiC employs 2 sets of house-parents, one caring for around 12 teenage boys, and the other for younger lads. Here we also have catering staff, social workers, a part-time nutritionist, a volunteer workshop manager and a farm manager.

At Granja Peniel we have a workshop where the boys learn extra-curricular activities such as wood-working and metal-working. Much of the work they carry out here teaches them practical skills such as cycle repair and maintenance, repair of equipment used in and on the farm. This gives the boys that added advantage when seeking work after they leave school.

Education is an important facet of the ministry and all of the children associated with IMiC have to attend school in order to take advantage of the benefits offered. IMiC feels that education is an essential part of any child’s life and it is only through love and learning that we can help lift them out of the poverty they experience. Some of IMC’s unwanted, street boys even go to University!

IMiC currently looks after about 100 boys and employs some 10 full-time staff together with a similar number of part-timers. The UK is the main financial supporter for the ministry although in recent months more income is being generated from within Colombia. The Christian message is worked out daily with these children.

We offer a child sponsorship scheme and we would like to encourage Life Church members to support the work in any way they can. The church itself provides a considerable financial support, particularly to help pay for our full-time Director in Colombia. Expenses in UK are kept to a minimum and the Trustees endeavour to limit this to 5% although in 2011 it did slip to 7%.

Your prayers for the work in general and the children in particular are especially valued. 
Please visit their website to find out more.