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Tots' Disco

I was approached by Extended Schools Services about 3 years ago to see if we would like to take on the initiative they had started called Tots’ Disco, so I went along to see what it was and we have run it ever since!

It is exactly what it says! There is a disco in the main space at the Studio and I collect toys from the Toy Library on the Friday before so that there is a quiet room (green room) with toys.

Sandra is my regular helper, along with Catriona and Sharon, who come along with their children helping when they can but more importantly meeting up with other parents and being part of the Disco. Paula is now coming along to help at signing in time.
This is a wonderful 3 hours once a month providing a service to the community in providing them a place to come together – we often have Dads who are looking after the smalls while Mum shops or has a morning off! We have between 13 – 36 families in each month.
It is not a blatant church event – in fact it surprises them when they know that Life Church is running it – but it is a chance to connect with some families within the community.

I have been so privileged to be involved with some of the families in our community and those relationships started at Tots’ Disco.
I would like to be able to step away from this over the next few months as Thomas is too big to come along and enjoy it (though the little girls love him!) so if you would like to know more and maybe have the odd Saturday morning free please catch up with me and I’ll happily tell you more!


Contact:  Helen Mason