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Women's Prayer and Share

Women’s Prayer and Share

The group was set up about three years ago because there was a need for the females in the church to further their walk with Jesus, to share their problems and to pray, where everything remained confidential. This is what we do today.

I asked some regulars to say what they like about the group:
 ‘I really love to hear people’s testimonies. No matter how long you’ve known them there’s always something new you learn about them.’

‘It’s an opportunity to come and share our hopes and needs in a comfortable, safe environment, a time when we can get to know each other. Our mornings are encouraging and confirming.’

‘I feel relaxed and at ease and really secure knowing that people won’t judge.’

‘…the warmth, friendship, and love and I always feel better at the end of the morning.’

God is good! He has answered so many of our prayers, not necessarily in the way we were thinking but certainly resolving problems in His own way. We have prayed for difficult relations, relationships, sickness, bereavements, jobs, financial matters and many more things. Twice have shared a meal together after the meeting.

The 7:14 evening affected us all and we decided that we must pray for the Prime Minister and Government during our meetings.

Last year we had a steady number of people attending, recently this has increased to 12. If you would like to join us we would love to welcome you on the 1st Wednesday of the month, usually at Caroline’s home, 11 Sussex Gardens, Petersfield – just drop in.

Caroline Freeland