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Messy Church

Emma Dean and I have been running Messy Church for the past 4 years and we’ve seen it grow and develop into a new expression of church within Petersfield.

We are helped by a team of folk from across the churches but the “hard-core” team are Liz & John, Sandra & Roger, Pippa, Caroline F, John Ide, John & Gerry, John & Penny, Joan & Terry, Paula, Robbie, Sue S and Jamie, and my thanks goes out to them for the support they have shown over the last 4  years.

The typical Messy Church runs along this pattern; Emma and I plan a theme that has about 10 activities and we start to set up from 1.45pm. Liz & John arrive between 2 – 2.30pm to start the cooking and the helpers start arriving from 2.30ish.

Our first helper is nearly always Penny, who along with Emma plans some amazing bits of craft, if you haven’t already have a look at the web site for the King Neb – he got us a mention in the Messy Church news!!

Panic happens at 3pm when we have crafts without a pair (or two) of hands to run it but God is good and we always have the right number of helpers needed each time! Children and parents arrive from 3.30pm and the messiness starts from 4pm; 10 to 5 the call to tidy up is made and then there is a wonderful team who turn the hall around to be a place to eat while the children and parents listen to one of the local clergy give the talk and sing some worship songs then it’s food time! One of the parents recently said that this the part she really enjoys as it is so nice to be served and she always feels very special on the 3rd Tuesday of the month!

Then the tidy up team starts – washing up, cleaning kitchen, clearing the hall ready for the Egyptian  dancers who arrive at 6.45pm! We’ve only ever met them once and that was because they were in earlier for a practice!

Again this is something that relies on volunteers and even if it’s only one in three you can help at that would be wonderful. The jobs that need “fresh” volunteers are from 5pm when it’s time to sort the hall out for the meal, to help serve the meal and to help with the tidy up afterwards.

I’m sure that I speak for everyone when I say that the end of Messy you get home and sit down shattered! But sure that God has been at work!

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See Messy Church page on the PACT website for latest information