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TPM Prayer Ministry

Theophostic® Prayer Ministry

Be transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12.2)

Theophostic Prayer Ministry (or TPM for short) is offered by a small trained team at Life Church Petersfield. We set out a summary of the principles used by the team to bring those seeking help, to come to wholeness,spiritual, emotional and relational.

Our definition
Whilst we can all be involved in helping and encouraging each other as part of every day fellowship, there are times when a greater degree of assistance is required.  With this in mind we are pleased to be able to offer Theophostic Prayer Ministry: (Theo – God, Phos – Light).  This is provided by trained and experienced people within the church with the intention of helping those in difficulty to seek resolution and restoration.
The Ministry aims to bring a person to wholeness (spiritual, emotional and relational), by dealing with inner conflict through the application of scriptural principles.
The Ministry is Christ centred and is carried out by competent Christians empowered by the Holy Spirit.  The Prayer Ministry aims to help believers, but the biblical principles involved may also provide help to those without a clear faith when seeking resolution to troubling or painful issues.
The Prayer Ministry also includes what some may term Marriage Counselling, Relationship Counselling and Deliverance ministry.
Do you need Help?
We recognise the need for this ministry in our world today.  It helps people deal with issues in their lives that have a major impact upon them living in the fullness of life that is God’s desire and plan for them.  We do not see this ministry as replacing any medical treatment being received at the time of ministry but working together and complimenting medical support.
The qualified members of the ministry team are appointed and approved by the church leadership all of whom have gone through the required training.  These members are accountable to leadership for any work they do in the name of this ministry, to The Theophostic Ministries organisation in the USA who administers the accreditation and ultimately to God.  These people come under supervision – provided by a person trained and experienced in the ‘ministry’ who will liaise with them and may be able to give advice as to how to deal with any difficulties arising in order to help move the recipient closer to their goal.
Information shared during the sessions will not be passed on in any way to anyone and will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.  However, if something is disclosed that puts the recipient or others in harm’s way, the ‘minister’ will be morally obliged to intervene to protect the recipient or another person by taking the matter to a higher authority.
The Ministry
The ministry relationship should be confined wherever possible to within the agreed sessions.This relationship is for the recipients benefit.  The content of the session/sessions will be that persons’ own issues.The ministry session will be carried out in line with Biblical principles.
The person seeking this help will be encouraged to take full responsibility for their own lives; to seek God themselves for the solutions to their needs; and to make and carry out decisions and walk in obedience to Scripture. People coming for ministry are assured of our genuine love and care for them and we honour their willingness and courage to deal with issues.
If you would like to know more then please contact John or Tricia Ide.

For further information about Theophostic® Prayer Ministries go to www.theophostic.com