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NOTE: If the player does not appear on the page then you may need to install/update your Flash Player

Alternatively, go to http://lifechurchpetersfield.sermon.net

You may need to use this method if you have an Apple iDevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod).

Find what you want in the archive, then click on the Download:Audio button.

Detailed Help - How to Use the Sermon Player

1. Select a Message. You can select from the current playlist or you can search the archives.

To Search the Archives, you can:


A. Use Search Archive Function...Type in the title, date or speaker of a message in the Search Archive box at the bottom og the sermon list and click enter.
2. Play the Message from the playlist, simply click the audio icon to the right. The title of the message is in the playlist and the speaker will be listed below it. The date the message took place on is under the audio icon on the right side of the player. If you click on the name of the title, it will Show Details of this sermon (see below how to use Details Tab). If you click on the name of the speaker, it will find all messages by this speaker.

3. Subscribe to Listening Method by simply clicking one of the 2 icons at the lower right corner of the player. iPod icon at the bottom.

To Subscribe, you can:

A. Podcast...The first icon is to set up an RSS feed or autosubscribe to iTUNES
B. .MOBI...The middle icon is to download and listen to MP3 on internet equipped cell phones and PDA devices.

4. Click the Detail Tab. This will give you the details about the message you have selected...i.e. title of message, speaker's name, and date of message (currently in USA format mm/dd/yyyy).

Also, you have four icons on the upper bar above these details.

Icons in Details Tab Window:

A. Play Audio...By clicking on this icon, you can play the digital audio file of the message listed in this details page.
B. Download MP3...By clicking on this icon, you can download an MP3 version of this message.
C. View Art...By clicking on this icon, you can view any art, or graphics attached to this message file.
D. Tell A Friend...By clicking on this icon, you can email a link to a friend so they can subscribe to or enjoy listening to these messages.