Tim and Gill

We are members of a small group of people seeking God; which is a pleasure to be a part of. We tend to meet on a Tuesday evening from 8pm until 10pm at a home in Petersfield.


As friends we share our lives, the ups and the downs which each other. The small group is a vital part of life, a place where we have the space and environment to be challenged and encourage each other. Our group follow the 4 W’s of Welcome, Worship, Word and Witness, which all of us take turns in leading.


One activity that has been a real blessing to us is the concept of a prayer flag. In this we spend some time in an evening exploring a members close family, drawing it out, learning more about each other and more importantly praying for key individuals in that family. As always God has blessed us with many answered prayers during this time and I would commend this as great activity for other groups to try out.

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