David and Maureen

We normally meet on a Thursday evening. Our Life Group Values are….

1. Jesus at the Centre. The most important value and the source of all the others, is that in our Life Group, Jesus is central. The focus is on Jesus and what He wants to do. He, through His Spirit, is present when we meet. He gives power to our worship, gives gifts and builds us up to be like Him.

2. Every Member Ministering. We are the body of Christ, and living stones in His church. We have all received gifts and talents that the Lord wants to develop in us for the benefit of the church and the world. Our group is a place where we can all grow in faith and use our gifts. Our group comes to life when everyone is involved.

3. Every Member Maturing. Our walk as Christians involves a lifelong, growing relationship with Jesus. The Great Commission that He has given us is to "make disciples of all people" (Mathew 28:19-20). This commandment challenges all of us in life group. Life group is a place where we can all walk out our discipleship together. All members, whatever their starting point, can grow to maturity and in Jesus' plan for their lives.

4. We are Here for Others. Research shows that more than 70% of all Christians came to Christ through a friend. (Isn’t Wikipedia great!!) An important part of fulfilling the Great Commission is to develop good friendships with the people around us. Life Group is more than a social gathering! It is a small group of people who look to each other and care for one another. It is a place to love others and where others love you. Life Group is like a family. We learn to trust one another, to be open and honest, to help others and to receive help, and to build each other up and develop good friendships.

5. It’s also about sacrificial love. Jesus summed up the Old Testament law in 'love the Lord you God and love your neighbour' (Mark 12:28-34). The sacrificial love that Jesus demonstrated in dying for us, is also our mission to others and this is a vital element of Life Group. Life Group is as much about you can contribute as it is about what you can receive.

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