Our Core Values

The core values of Life Church Petersfield

The Bible is the basis of our Christian faith and we believe  it teaches us how to live our lives both individually and corporately.

We place a high value on safe, healthy, interdependent relationships with God, our families, church, community and those we have regular contact with.

Servant hearted
We seek to reflect the servant heart of Jesus by serving God, the church and our community in a generous willing manner.

We look to encourage, equip and support one another so we are able to meet challenges, embrace opportunities and reach our full potential.

 We believe that the church should seek to be an influence for good in our families, our communities and the wider world.

Christ centred
With the help of his Spirit we seek the heart and mind of Jesus to shape our thoughts, actions and attitudes.

Life Church Petersfield - Structure

The Structure of Life Church Petersfield is one way of outworking our Vision and Values.

Click here for a graphical representation.                   Structure of Life Church Petersfield


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